The Nordic Fintech Msnifesto
As the first fintech wave passes, the progress that has been made so far is at risk of stalling. And so, as 2020 approaches – this year’s report is more of a manifesto: setting out a vision for how the region can fully realise its strengths and be ready to take advantage of a new era.
2019 EMEA Fintech Disruptors
Fintech Disruptors Report EMEA 2019, in its fourth year, is a temperature check on the status of digital financial services and the role of traditional financial institutions and fintechs in providing consumers with secure, easily accessible and value-for-money services and products.
2018 Nordic Fintech Disruptors
The Four Seas includes our most comprehensive review of Nordic fintech yet. Extended this year to include companies across the Baltic countries, it is the outcome of more than six months of interviews with banks and leading innovators alongside the results of an industry-wide survey.
Re-drawing the map
Multiple forces are tearing up the map of correspondent banking and cross border transactions. The rise of the digital-first business and increased customer expectations for more fluid, lower cost international payments. These are shaking up a market largely unchallenged since the dawn of international trade.
fiveºdegrees Insight Paper
“Making the Switch” includes insights from interviews with heads of digital banking and innovation, fintech engineers at fiveºdegrees, and draws on data from the Fintech Disruptors 2018 research to explore the drivers, requirements, challenges and opportunities offered from making the transition to a fully digital banking enterprise.
Biometrics Decrypted
Biometrics in payment is here and it is fast becoming an integral facet of the consumer experience. This report looks to highlight some key developments in biometrics in payments, specifically addressing major industry trends that are driving the entire payments ecosystem to adapt and innovate.
2018 Fintech Disruptors Report
A year is a long time in fintech. This year’s research, the third in our series on the impact of fintech disruption across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, underscores some of the early gains made by banks and fintechs in some parts of the region, along the journey from electronic to digital finance.
CFO Payment Pulse - Oct 17
CFOs and treasurers are interested in automation and payment integration but there is little interest in looking at new technology simply for the sake of it, suggesting that banks and commercial payment providers have a way to go to illustrate the business benefits.
CFO Payment Fix, June 17
The world of B2B payments is going through a period of innovation, transformation and occasional disruption. FinTech companies are cutting through old orthodoxies and creating innovative propositions to solve once-intractable B2B payment problems.
Squaring the Circle
EMV has finally arrived in the US but progress has been patchy. Worldnet's research explores what's needed to create a virtuous circle of adoption across the payment ecosystem.
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